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• Develops strong and positive male bonding when most needed.

• Replaces competition with collaboration for community building.

• Helps men take on supportive roles that are usually difficult for         men to adopt.

• Makes it easier for men to accept a new identity in retirement, and   other life transitions.

• Helps men to fully engage with people at home and in the   community.

• Generates personal insights from the experiences of others. 

• Expands the social circle for group members.

• Provides work projects to area nonprofits.

• Enables men to find their authentic selves.

Men's Wisdom Works groups meet twice 
a month for two hours.  

Some topics men discuss:

• Loss of power/identity
Improved relationships with family
Forming bonds with men
Reducing isolation
Making retirement/aging meaningful 
• Discovering your authentic self
Managing health issues
• Relocation 
And many more

We work directly with businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies, with employee assistance program providers, and outplacement service providers.

In fact, think of MWW as a support system for men in transition.

Benefits of Men's Wisdom Works
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