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Although I didn't feel I was having trouble with any of life's common transition periods---aging, retirement, moving to new city, or loss of a loved one, I was attracted to the idea of being able to talk openly with other men---to speak from the heart, to be caring and honest, without worrying that anything I might say would come back to haunt me. Two years later I can say, as promised, what is said in the group does stay in the group. Indeed, I count several members as my closest friends.
D.E. Group I 

When men make themselves vulnerable by honestly and candidly talking about their lives, their fears and their hopes, it creates such a strong connection that I look forward to the next meeting. It helps me to learn about myself. This group is now important to me; these men matter to me, and consequently I lead a richer life. 

J.H.  Group II 

After a year in which I began my membership in the MWW group with a sense of trepidation about letting my guard down among my natural competitors, other males, I find myself in the relaxed, social atmosphere of men who want nothing more than to share their life and stories with those who can perhaps best relate to such happenings - other men. Humor, sincerity, awareness, conviviality, and mutual respect are the hallmarks of the interaction among those in the group. This makes for a range of satisfying experiences.

E.L. Group 1 

The Men's Wisdom Works has provided me with a source of interesting conversation and, when needed, optimistic and caring support. The idea that any topic, and I mean any topic can be discussed with thoughtful and non judgmental concern is a rare and invaluable experience

D.C. Group II 

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