Men’s Wisdom Works
What members are saying about MWW...

MWW is a safe place to air my concerns, together with the knowledge that when I need support of a kind that I couldn’t find in other directions, this group of men will be there for me, as I am for them. Both kinds of support – the giving and the receiving – are probably the most innovative and important gifts that Men’s Wisdom Works has granted me. -- R.S.​

​Since being in MWW, I have felt calmer, less anxious and much happier. We know each other's life stories. We have developed trust and openness. One aspect of our meetings that I truly enjoy is the good humor and respect we feel for each other. Yet we can discuss serious topics that affect us all with dignity, openly, and as gentlemen. -- J. C.

Men's Wisdom Works has provided me with a source of interesting conversation and, when needed, optimistic and caring support. The idea that any topic, and I mean any topic, can be discussed with thoughtful and non-judgmental concern is a rare and invaluable experience. –D.C.

When men make themselves vulnerable by honestly and candidly talking about their lives and their fears and their hopes, it creates such a strong connection that I look forward to the next meeting. It helps me to learn about myself. My Men’s Wisdom Works group is now important to me; these men matter to me, and consequently, I lead a richer life. -J.H.

“A man can’t retire his experience. He must use it.” 
Bernard Baruch